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World Collaborative
Innovation Center of
Management Engineers

  We started ISME from April 2003 just after when I joined Waseda University. Before this we organized several conferences with our students more domestically. But after joining the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems. Our laboratory consisted of many foreign students year by year. Then it was automatically international conference. This conference made us start ISME society. After organizing various international symposium and conferences, we felt collaboration played a pivotal role in the innovation of management activities such as production, design and invention. So I considered to start the collaborative innovation center, especially global ones networking among various countries. Then we named our center as World Collaborative Innovation Center. This center is founded on the basis of past various collaborations such as Czech Czech-Japan Research Group, Finland, BISC Group of Prof Lotfi Zadeh, Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong, Japan-Hungary Association, CAIRO, Malaysia, Informatics & Mathematical Modelling Research Group, University Malaysia Terengganu (KUSTEM), Faculty of Information Technology and Multimedia, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Romania, National Inventics Institute, "Gh. Asachi" Technical University, University of Pitesti, Taiwan-Japan Research Group, Waseda University. The center owed many institutes and foundations in the past. Such networking pushed us to help our creating innovation. We just intend to push forward the past experiences to all the members in the world widely.